Gratitude is the Easiest Way to Feel Better Right Now. Here’s How to Make it a Habit

Julien Duduoglu via Unsplash

See the Difference

If you aren’t satisfied with what is, you are essentially cock-blocking good feelings and training your brain to focus on what’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong with seeking change or improvement, or even venting, but your sense of wellbeing would seriously improve if you start a gratitude journal, or practice gratitude in a tangible way on a daily basis.

It’s in the Simplicity

A blissful moment doesn’t require that much if we stop and pay attention. Advertisers convince us we need a four star hotel, a hot lover, a perfect body, and a diamond to be happy, and while that sounds like an awesome combo, the truth is we can find bliss in simplicity just as well, whether it’s a delicious cup of coffee while still snuggled up in bed, a gorgeous sunset enjoyed with someone you love, freshly laundered sheets, or a nourishing, home cooked meal.

Choose Your Easy

It’s easy to get stuck in the habit of always focusing on our problems. It’s understandable, too. We want to solve our problems, and it seems logical that ruminating on them will eventually lead us to a solution, but when we do this, we’re training our brains to find faults, road blocks, and excuses. We risk missing out on these simple, blissful moments that make up our lives.

Gratitude Turns the Ordinary into Extraordinary

A beach vacation, a killer outfit, falling in love, a five course meal- those things are wonderful, too, but true gratitude for everything in our lives gives us the gift of alchemizing the ordinary and making it feel extraordinary.

Your Gratitude Lives in the Now, Not in the Next Thing

Have you ever psyched yourself up about something like, say, purchasing a new pair of shoes? You order them online and you’re convinced they’re going to give you the boost of happiness you crave. You excitedly wait for them to be delivered.

Lean Into the Enoughness of Now

It’s ok to want more. It’s human, and it helps us strive and grow, but when the wanting overshadows the having, we can create our own scarcity and sadness. If we don’t learn to appreciate what we have, nothing will ever be enough, no matter how much we accumulate, because we simply haven’t learned to appreciate.

Writer, blogger, and artist exploring psychology and living well. Embrace the weird, and allow complexity. @sarahsaweikis on IG

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