I Tried Dry February While Getting Back Into the Dating Scene and Here’s What I Learned

Photo by KXITHVisuals on Unsplash

Trading Addictions

It’s funny, even if you’re not an alcoholic, or “addicted” to booze, your brain still wants to find habits it can replace with your drinking habit, which wakes you up to the sheer fact that your drinking habit, is, in fact, a habit.

Sober Life and Love

When you consciously choose not to drink, those moments where you previously said, “man, I could use a drink,” become something else. And that begs the question, if alcohol is optional, what is it we really need or are looking for when we reach for a drink? To make life (or our date) more interesting? To relax and escape reality? To deal with difficult emotions? Maybe we’re just looking to take the edge off?

Dating Sober

Alcohol has long accompanied dating to calm our nerves and lower our inhibitions, but sober dating cracks us open to actually facing our feelings, and not just adding extra luster to our rose colored glasses before we forge ahead to steamy make out sessions.

But Dating is Hard Enough

There’s always an excuse not to quit- whether that’s drinking, smoking, or eating like crap. My heart is broken and I need a crutch. It’s a stressful week at work and I’ll be a bitch if I don’t have a drink. I’m going on a first date I’m excited about and I need to calm my nerves. The human brain is never short on excuses.

Raise a Glass to Sobriety

Who’s to say that a healthy, mindful life can’t be filled with a few vices for those of us who believe in moderation, even in moderation? Maybe that is the conclusion to this Dry February experiment. It’s good to step away from your habits, to re-evaluate why you do the things you do, especially things that are expensive and can potentially cause massive harm or massive embarrassment, like alcohol.

Writer, blogger, and artist exploring psychology and living well. Embrace the weird, and allow complexity. SarahSaweikis.com @sarahsaweikis on IG

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